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Whether you are thinking about getting your Private Pilot's License, or of taking that next step to an Instrument Rating or Commercial Pilot Certificate, we can provide the training you need.  We will provide you with the best instruction at the best price in Western North Carolina. 

Learn to fly where many have before.  With Asheville Airport just to our north, we can provide the needed experience with controlled airspace, and with the various mountain airports in the area we can also provide you with experience in mountain flying. 

If you're looking for professional flight instruction, come out and visit us.  Unlike some other flight schools in the area, we don't quote the minimum time the FAA requires to receive a license or rating.  We will let you know what the FAA's national average is to receive the rating or license you seek and explain ways that this number can be decreased.  The FAA minimum simply isn't realistic for most people, although it can be accomplished.  E-mail or call us with any questions you may have.  Also, unlike other flight schools in the area, we won't push you with a high pressure sales pitch and we don't require a large deposit or to hold an account.  At Hendersonville Airport, you pay for your training when the training is received.  We will answer your questions honestly, and will provide the information you seek to make a well informed decision about your flight training.

Thanks for stopping by our website, and feel free to call or e-mail any one of us for more information.

Flight and ground instruction is currently $43.00/hour for all rating. 

Dual instruction in your aircraft is $45.00/hour for all ratings.

(Rates effective 08/01/09 and subject to change without notice)

Instructor's Contact Information:

    Phone: 828-693-1897


Tim Culberson CFI, CFII, MEI Cell Phone:  828-319-9058


John Fadok


CFI, Gold Seal Flight Instructor, AGI, IGI, A&P, IA Phone:  828-693-1897