Hendersonville Airport Information

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Airport / Identifier Hendersonville Airport / 0A7
Telephone (Aerolina) 828-693-1897
Fax 828-698-9548
Email fly0a7@aol.com
Latitude and Longitude N35*18.46'  W82*25.99'
Sectional Chart Atlanta
Elevation 2084'
Fuel Available 100LL
Runway Length 3075'
Runway Width 40' Asphalt with 40' Grass on western side
Runway Condition Very Good, repaved and striped July 2005
Runway Headings 33 and 15
Pattern Altitude 3000'
Lights Low Intensity - activated on 123.00
Obstructions 33 Approach - Trees        15 Departure - Trees
Noise Abatement 33 Departures - Please alter your upwind to the right slightly to avoid flight over Jackson Park.

15 Departures - Please alter you upwind to the left of the high school (weekdays).

CTAF 123.00
Approach / Departure 124.65 (Asheville Approach Control)
FSS Raleigh (can be reached locally on 122.3)
Useful Information Landing runway 33 - Plan for an updraft over trees on final with a sink over the road.

Winds - Southwest winds greater than 10 kts. produce interesting crosswinds and turbulent air.